Some Apps for you to enjoy

The right place to download the programs I created ! For now, the two softwares you can download are Wallz and Phraz.

Wallz is a breakout game I entirely coded during the first half of 2011. Pretty much Arkanoid-ish, obviously old school, the few people who played it so far definitely loved it. Hope you will like it too.

In a few words, this game contains 80 levels, a tenth of various bonuses to spice your games a bit, a top 100 of the best players, which is stored online, and it's already quite filled with various names. Actually, at the time being, you'll really have to do your best to write your name in the top 10, no doubt about it ! For more details, please visit the section of the site that is devoted to this game. Just click the link below.

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Phraz is not a game, not really... Uh, well, not at all. Phraz is a screensaver for Windows, that I also made by myself. It is quite simple. It displays a message of your choice on the screen while you're away, which is sine scrolling. But you can enhance it ! You can for instance switch for the system time instead of a message.

Is that all ? Nope... There are a few parameters more, like 'random directions', which makes the messages flow in any direction on your screen. There is also the 'rotation', which makes all messages whirl on the screen, and, lastly, the 'motion blur' which makes messages leave a trail behind them, like some persistence did on very old CRT screens.

And you can combine them all ! Just try ! Soon you will find your favourite settings and maybe this screensaver will have a place on your system. Well, I hope so. :)

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