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Ishido is an amazing patience game that was created about twenty years ago. This is a game I like a lot and I wanted to create my very own version. I think I can say I did it fairly well enough. Now in version 1.1, it offers a menu, an online top 100 of the best scores and two tunes, one of them by PPs, which you can find in the Music section. Have fun !

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Furr Pop is the kind of little game that won't tease your brain at all... You just have to click on the highest possible amount of furs in order to make the highest score you can, or to reach a score of 10.000 points as fast as you can, depending on the game mode you choose. In the 'Highest score' mode, your goal will indeed be to be the first of the top 100, while in 'Time attack' mode, you'll have to achieve the fastest time you can to be the best. Now, it's up to you !

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