Welcome ! A bit of reading ?

So... What are you going to find on this site ? Well, most of my creations, meaning a few programs, tunes written either by myself or with PPs, and a few other things. I'm gonna try to describe all of this briefly.

The menu on the left allows you to browse the site, can't be much more obvious...

The News section is dedicated to the site's news, i.e. the modifications I bring to it now and then. Give it a look to see what's new since the last time you came here.

In the Apps section, you will find executable softwares that you can of course freely download. There are two Windows applications available so far : one is a game, Wallz, the other, Phraz, is a screensaver. Download them, they're free !

In the Web Apps section, you will find two HTML 5 games, playable directly in your browser. These games' names are Ishido and Furr Pop. Will you get yourself among the best players ?

The Music section is, as you will see, divided in three parts. It contains a few tunes I wrote as years went by, some others written collaboratively with PPs and finally some others written by him alone. If you like any of these, feel free to tell me by leaving a comment, they're always welcome.

The Archives section is a melting pot in which you will find a bunch of oldies of all kinds, pictures and old softwares, for instance. Actually, you will find plenty of different things there if I actually take some time to fill this section. If you already visited this website, you probably already know that this page has rather been empty until now. Thus said, if you like to click on not very useful links, then please do so.

The Links page will mention various links I will have considered worth sharing. Maybe will you find there something relevant... Anyway, if you feel like it, come check this page some day to find useful, interesting news... or not! :)

The Chat page is dedicated to open realtime discussions. Come join me and other people to talk and share opinions.

All of this being said, all there's left for me to do is wish you a good surfing. And of course, if you feel like you are in a good mood - or not, leave a comment. Thanks!