Latest news

June the 3rd, 2013. I just added a chat system to the site, which purpose will essentially be to allow anyone to reach me without even being part of my contacts. It is an open space dedicated to discussion, and all topics are welcome. See you soon!

April the 19th, 2013. I just put a new version of the site online, and you are watching it right now. It took me about two weeks of work, but wasn't it worth it ? :p I added a Links section, in which I will add... links, that I will have considered worth of interest. Welcome to my website ! :)

October the 8th, 2012. It was about time for me to tell you about what's new lately ! There's a brand new game in the Online section, and it's called Furr Pop. It offers two different game modes, each with its own online top 100. I also reworked Ishido a bit ! It now has a menu screen and an online top 100. Give it a try !

March the 7th, 2012. I just published the final version of Ishido, a reflection game I (re)coded. Two background musics can be heard, one of them by PPs, which you can also listen to in the Music section, the other was made by me. The best scores are saved and the 12 best are displayed at the end of each game. Who will be the best ?

December the 4th, 2011. I modified the Comments page, so that it looks less awful. ;) PPs gave me a hand to make new buttons and a new banner. Tell me what you think about it ! :) Oh, and new tunes have been added in the Music part.

November the 28th, 2011. Entirely corrected texts and made a few upgrades. New flags on the welcome page, added a link to my host, added borders to visible elements. Looks a bit better, don't you think ?

November the 24th, 2011. I'm about to upload the new version of my website. Hope you'll like it ! :)